A Letter to My Grade 9 Self

Dear Grade 9 Winston,

I’m going to give you a handful of advice that will persuade you to create helpful habits and merge you safely into your high school experience. The advice I list has been proven first hand to help you succeed academically throughout your courses. Some key points of advice are; attend all of your classes, start and finish all homework, take retests when available/necessary, join extra curricular teams, and lastly create friendships. Although high school will become stressful and overwhelming at times throughout your experience, if you follow my tips of advice I assure you high school will be the best four years of your life (thus far).

The one most important thing in high school is attending your classes. The most notorious reason for students getting behind is not attending the class. When you don’t attend class you don’t know what the homework is, or you’ve missed the important notes that were only gone over in that specific class, or in worst case scenario, you missed the review for a test that’s the following day. Just simply staying at the school throughout the school-day and attending all your classes puts you in a position for success. Along with attending class, it is always very important to finish all homework assigned to you, and finished my the due date. Students will be given homework before tests to better ready them for it. If you don’t do the homework that was assigned before the test more often than not your test score will reflect it. Many students fail to understand that homework is a form of studying, it’s also, more often than  not, worth a percentage of your overall grade! When you complete a test that you weren’t ready for you will usually not be given the grade you want to see. There are many teachers that offer retests, my advice to you is to do them! Although most of the time you will be required to finish some additional homework before you take the retest,  a) it will better ready you for the test (homework is studying) and b) you will definitely notice an improve on your test mark. When you first make the switch from middle school to high school you notice that much like middle school there are sports teams. Although a little more competitive they are still undoubtedly fun! I advice you to join which ever sports team you enjoy most (could be multiple). Joining sports team in high school does nothing but add to your high school experience. Your coaches more likely than not will also be on your tail about your academic success, because they do not want students who are failing attending their teams. Along with participating in competitive matches against other schools you are given the choice to also participate in Esquimalt High Schools Alumni matches. Something else to keep in mind is that every sports team you’re on you are credited 10 volunteer hours (50 hours are required to graduate). The last thing I will touch base on is creating friendships. When you transition from middle school usually a couple friends will accompany you in the transition. It’s super important to keep those friends close but it’s even more important to widen your friendship horizon. New friends will introduce you to new opportunities, and even more new people. At relatively young age (grade 9), you need not much more than countless opportunities to choose from and many good friends to surround yourself with.

Having gone through high school from start to finish I can only look back and wish I followed these tips of advice better. Although your whole life does not revolve around your high school experience, many aspects of your life can reflect it. So be sure when your attending high school that when your hear that bell ring, notifying the students to head to class, that you’re in the cluster of students crowding the hallways on your way to class.


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