The Power of Optimism

Nick Vujicic, born in Australia without legs or arms, talks in front of a crowd about the significance of hope, faith, and overall optimism. Nick expresses his difficulties growing up, the obstacles thrown at him, and his own suicide attempt throughout the speech. Going through life without having limbs created all sorts of obstacles in life, Nick tell’s us the viewer that these obstacles can easy enough become opportunities. Growing up being teased and bullied because of his looks lead to his suicide attempt at the age of 8, his sudden realization that such an action would implement a further burden on his family stopped the attempt. The faith portrayed by the boy that things would get better is nothing less than heroic in my opinion. His supporting parents who would always call him “beautiful” as a child helped restore and build Nicks hope that maybe a miracle would never happen to him, but that he would one day be somebody else’s miracle. Optimism is such an important tool throughout an individuals life, because it is what gets your through a rough day. A world without optimism, would be a world without hope.


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