Significance of Inquiry Based Learning

Inquiry based learning is a form of learning that gives students the opportunity to check off there own criteria, answer there own questions, and learn from there own mistakes. Teachers giving students the ability to control there own education, at a age appropriate pace teaches the students one of the most important tasks in life, independence. Along with independence being granted to the students, a sense of creativity comes along as well. Inquiry based learning gives students the perfect chance to go outside of there comfort zone (educationally) and learn about something that they’re genuinely intrigued about.

IBL in the education system has many significant attributes. It gives the students a chance to become independent, overcome problems themselves, learn new material that interests them, and give them the ability to finish with an amazing final project. With attributes comes setbacks as well. IBL also give students the chance to become lazy, do half-a** work, and create minimal criteria requirements. For IBL to actually prove effective the student must have a clear vision and understanding what they can create for a final project. To ensure effectiveness of the IBL, weekly check-ins with the course teacher is very important.

Since beginning an IBL project I believe that the effectiveness in the course is massive. Given the chance to work on something that I’m truly passionate about (my 1984 vw) and to have that as my IBL project means that I am truly engaged with my “English project”, not only am I engaged but striving to complete the project with it’s utmost potential (in a regular project that usually results in a good grade). Because it is not only school work to me, but it’s my blood, sweat, and tears leading to the complete restoration of my current project car.

Since doing a fair amount of research into the IBL trend I have come to conclusion on the topic. IBL is an phenomenal opportunity for students who are willing to exit there comfort zone, try a different learning method, and also gives students (including myself) the motivation to complete the assignment with your fullest efforts and have a finished final project that was has it’s maximum potential.


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