Roots of Teaching


After being through 12 years of schooling I have been taught by dozens are good and not so good teachers. The really exceptional teachers in my opinion have attributes such as; a sense of humor, an ability to connect with students, a creative learning style, and is an overall interesting person. I believe that good teaching comes from the roots of teaching, which is the teachers.

To start off, some of the best teaching moments in my life have been with a comical teacher. Everyone loves funny. Furthermore being comical as a teacher will one, enlighten students (even in difficult scenarios) and two, as a teacher you are going to grow on the students.

Teachers that have the ability to connect and relate to students I think will have the best chance of being able to conduct productive learning to each student as an individual. Being able to connect with another person opens multiple other doors, one being knowledge. What is better than a teacher sharing his/hers knowledge with students.

When teachers stick to a very structured learning style it tends to get boring very quickly. Maintaining a creative or even quote on quote fun learning style as a teacher is very effective teaching. It is only human to enjoy certain activities that are what you consider fun. I myself have even been apart of a “fun” class and my best marks reflected my entertainment in that class.

Last I find the most important attribute a teacher can have, is to be genuinely interesting. When you’re an interesting person you’re job role will reflect it. Being interesting makes students want to engage with the class lessons much more, and want to engage even more so with the teacher.

Good teachers make up the roots of good teaching, to continue these roots better teaching styles must appear. If teachers want to conduct better effective learning, keep some personal characteristics you may be able to change in mind such as; become funny, be more social with students, be fun, and finally be cool. Now if teachers cannot follow these simple guidelines for effective teaching, there is going to be many dumb people in my generation.


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3 thoughts on “Roots of Teaching”

  1. Hey Winston, love this post! I love what you said about the dumb people in our generation, too funny. I also love what you said about having a teacher that is genuinely interesting, obviously the non interested ones are super boring. Also, I love your header picture!!!!!


  2. Hey, Winston! My thoughts are very positive about this post comical teachers are very neat and exquisite. Your post was truly inspirational and eye opening! Thank you very much for this post and I hope to read more from you


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